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Human relations are more fragile than even glassware: if you hold them carefully they remain beautiful and attractive and if you drop/neglect them they break into numerous pieces which can never be attached and even if attached well they can only carry the broken impressions. Therefore, maintaining human relations today has become a ‘herculean task’ as life today has become very mechanical for many due to several reasons. It is the thought of this aspect of life today that gave birth to an ‘INNOVATIVE GESTURE’ to be extended to everybody who wish to keep their relations ever alive.

We thought “can’t we do something that bridges the gap between people”? It struck our minds that we must help everybody in maintaining their relations well. Thus, human beings always remain humane despite their hectic schedule. That’s how 12NUIT.COM cameinto existence.

What can 12NUIT.COM do?

One may feel like greeting someone on his/her birthday/marriage day/success/achievement/ festivals and so on. However, one may not be able to do so due to the pressures of day-to-day life, though love to do. Such slips may be well avoided with the use of 12NUIT.COM. Thus,everyone is welcome to avail the services of 12NUIT.COM anytime.

We accept your orders to be sent to your dear ones. You may send your gift through us.  Thus, our services hope to keep your relations much stronger than the strongest.

How did 12NUIT.COM come about?

One day one of our friends failed to wish his closest friend on her birthday. As a result there arose a serious problem in the form of misunderstanding and doubting. It took quite a long time to make peace. Given this bad, sad and unpleasant experience, we thought such slips must be avoided. Besides, we should become the source of avoidance as we believe in “prevention is better than cure”. Thanks to that girl who was indeed the sole reason for the reality of 12NUIT.COM.

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